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Marijuana + Peyote + Hand of God

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Marijuana + Peyote + Hand of God

Postby pvd2006 » Sun Jun 23, 2013 12:44 pm

Hi everyone,

First let me start out by saying that this was a mix of smoking actual marijuana then listening to Peyote i-dose followed by the Hand of God i-dose. I am not sure which thread is the best fit so I'm using this one.

Went over to buddy's house to chill for the night. We lit up a good sativa and I felt the effects coming on quite strong with some visual disturbances and a nice tingling sensation in the body. We decided to go out and watch the "Super Moon". Obviously, the moon was very bright and fascinating. I pulled out a chair, got my laptop, my audio technica headphones and was ready to go on an other adventurous journey.

I loaded up I-doser premium with the Peyote i-dose. Listened to it for about 10 minutes but was getting bit by mosquitoes, so I went inside on the couch. I started the i-dose over. After about 10 minutes I was really starting to feel a change in bodily sensations and thought processes were very strange. My thoughts didn't make much sense(like a trip). My visual perception had slight distortions in it. When I looked at my arm it looked like it was close but far away at the same time. Also colors were also much stronger.

I closed my eyes and went into a nice trance. My body started falling asleep and my thought processes got even stranger. I felt like my body was expanding and I had the vibrating sensations you get when you are about to go into sleep paralysis. I started to become one with the couch, the room, the universe... I felt like I had entered a universal consciousness. The sounds that were playing on the TV sounded like aliens talking to me. I felt as if this is how aliens thought, on a much deeper level(I don't believe in aliens).

The Peyote i-dose ended and the Hand of God started. Within a few minutes I went into a very deep trance that reminded me of a very delta like state. I was one with everything, my body was asleep, yet I was perfectly conscious. When the tone started ramping up I felt a nice euphoric energy sweep through my body. I felt like a being of energy in the universe and I had accessed some type of universal knowledge that you could only achieve by being in this particular state. It was definitely a very rewarding experience.

One thing I would like to note is I've never actually had mescaline before. I would say this was probably like a light mescaline experience. I feel like I will be able to achieve the same state much quicker the next time.
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