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Ketamine-Why so underrated?

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Ketamine-Why so underrated?

Postby andreks » Sat Nov 09, 2013 1:21 am

Bored during the weekend with nothing to do I was browsing the forum and found that there are a very small amount of people who actually have tried the ketamine dose. Having such a fondness for DXM (the drug not just the dose, dose experience coming up sometime) I thought I would like this one, being a dissociative and all, and purchased it.

I sat at my computer for this dose, too lazy to grab add it to my Ipod. I hit play, closed my eyes and began to count down from 500 focusing on any white noise in the dose. It took me 5 minutes to begin to start feeling the effects which was when i started noticing the dissociation kick in. I began to find it really hard to keep myself from becoming distracted by my thoughts due to them rapidly changing and being so obscure (becoming stranger and stranger as the dose went on) and started feeling extremely floaty. somewhere between 10-20 minutes in (once dissociation kicked in I lost track of time) I began to have CEVs, having vibrating colors and shapes enter and leave my vision. a few minutes after the CEVs began, dream-like experiences started up. I was in random typical scenarios (which like my thoughts got weirder as the dose went on) where I was doing everyday things such as going to the store, talking with a friend, etc. Near the end these dream-like experiences began to get a bit fucked up (at one point I looked at my foot and I had dicks for toes :? ). When the dose ended I felt a rush of excitement and stood up (bad idea) immediately falling on my ass from dizziness and laughing like an idiot. I got up somewhat (crawled) and got back on my computer chair. I decided to look around and was amazed, (I know this sounds stupid) it was like I understood why everything was where it was, the way it was, and why it was there. I walked (stumbled) around the room looking at random objects which normally would mean nothing to them and was completely baffled by the complexity of things like remotes but felt like it was meant to be complex. After looking at stuff for 40 minutes I basically "rediscovered" evolution thinking about how we used to be so primitive and now our technology is constantly changing (I sat on the ground gaping like a dumbass for about an hour going through everything in that room and how previous technology evolved to form them). This dose lasted about 2 hours with the last hour not quite as strong but still evident (falling over everything).

I would give this dose an 8/10 because it has amazing effects but I feel like I haven't personally achieved the complete ones yet and its sort of a hit or miss with me sometimes working, other times not.
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