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I need all the help

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Re: I need all the help

Postby brunoc14 » Fri Dec 13, 2013 12:15 pm

I figured out how to focus on the dose and all....but i have ANOTHER problem, i'm just full of problems ! :D
So, everytime i start the dose, i can focus on it but i always end up falling asleep. lol.
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Re: I need all the help

Postby nudelus » Fri Dec 27, 2013 1:24 pm

That sound like a first step, something is happening :) What you could try is:
1. Dose while sitting comfortable, don`t lay down (maybe you won`t fall asleep)
2. Some people get better results with I-Doser in the background, try to pick a very easy series like "The Simpsons" or something, turn it just loud enough that you can hear what they say and let the Dose play on full volume while watching... "The Simpson" is very good for this, because it gets you very relaxed and there are no big explosions, or other stuff, that could get you unconcentrated...
3. You could also try to listen to chillout music in the background, no matter what you choose but don`t turn it to loud
4. It could also be possible that your Headphones aren`t good for dosing, try some others maybe it will help
5. If all this isn`t working for you, look in the experiences section for my "Breakthrough", I had the same problems at first that nothing really worked. Important is, don`t stop trying, because since the first one worked almost every dose gives me a nice effect

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