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Postby EliaFTW » Fri Jan 03, 2014 10:06 am

So, hello everybody.This is my experience of A-Bomb. This is the first dose that truly functioned for me. I've tried Acid and Bufo) Toad, but I didn't get anything. If you are new to I-Doser like me,well, this is the dose that you need to start. This is how it was:

Night, 2:00 pm, lying in my bed, with my headphones on and a t-shirt to cover my eyes. For about 15 min nothing happens,and I start wondering if all of this I-Doser stuff is complete bullshit, but... I start to sweat like if I was in hell,and i fell my arms getting cold, my heartbeat began to accelerate and so my breathing. After this,there was only hot. Near the end I felt my arms getting hotter and on the tops of my fingers i felt like there were millions of ants walking together. Finished the dose I get up in complete fear, but it lasts only few seconds, I started walking around and felt like I wasen't been in my body for years,i move my fingers and i fell the muscles and tendons working together. That feeling lasted for about ten minutes or so. Well, what can I say? An absolute A-Bomb! I strongly recommend it
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