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Dreaming on i doser (by Mistake)

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Dreaming on i doser (by Mistake)

Postby acidheadben » Wed Jul 29, 2015 3:41 am

i had hand of god,astral projection,and peyote lined up .......then as i began the doses......i slept off(unintentionally) i had amazingly vivid dreams ,woke up at 2AM ......i was surprised.....usually i dream in REM timings 4-6 AM....but due to the doses....my brain activity spiked in dreams......also there was a big queue that kept playing while i was asleep .....including-Hand of God,Astral Projection,Peyote,LSD,Nirvana,French Roast,Beta........and gates of hades :twisted: yeah i know,i wasnt lucid in the dreams but i could totally recall the whole experience.....so the events in the dream varied.......do you think that each different dose,caused my dream to morph accordingly
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Re: Dreaming on i doser (by Mistake)

Postby astralbrainwave » Sun Aug 02, 2015 4:53 am

There is also a Lucid Dream dose.

http://idosersoftware.com/index.php?mai ... cts_id=132

Did you already tried the Lucid Dream dose?
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