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i doser lucid dream need help

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i doser lucid dream need help

Postby welyu985 » Wed Mar 23, 2016 1:59 pm

first i need the tell yours something I'm from Turkey and I cant speak English very well whatever
4 days ago i see i doser and i want to try this sound firstly i tried quick happy dose and its work i felt very happy
and 3 days ago i tried lucid dream dose but It's not worked i dissapointed but I'm not gived up 2 days ago I tried lucid dream low quality
firstly it worked i felt the know in the dream but that was only lasted 15 minutes (bad english :DD) than It's not worked and I'm still try but nothink...
I want to ask this when I'm listen this song before the sleep or in the sleep?

ı read his topic in my hands I'm not use translate

thanks for your reading I haved to say good night because turkish clock is 20:55.
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