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[Request] Synasthesia

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[Request] Synasthesia

Postby Batwolf » Mon May 02, 2016 9:38 am

An excerpt
Synesthesia or Synaesthesia is a very interesting phenomenon. It is a condition of the mind resulting when the brain’s processing centers of the senses are interconnected. People who “suffer” (or better benefit) from it, experience the world in a very different and unique way. They are called synesthetes.

They can “hear” or “taste” colors, they see colored letters, they can “see” sounds, and they perceive a sensation with more than one senses. For example, a smell can engage their vision or any other sense. They are not hallucinating they are just synesthetes.

This would be very interesting. People do not generally suffer from this condition, as it is a condition that greatly enhances your memory and problem solving ability above a person without the condition.
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Re: [Request] Synasthesia

Postby ZainTsunshi » Mon Mar 20, 2017 1:41 pm

It's a really fun thing to "suffer" from most of the time. I have it very profoundly, to the point where a sound or color or taste, even a short memory can create a naturally occurring hallucination that can feel like it lasts for hours in the matter of five seconds. However if you're a person who has a lot of anxiety it can be hard to deal with too. If you're cutting something for supper when you have a lot of anxiety and you get a smell of the tomato, you may fee like you just cut your finger off and see blood going everywhere. It produces exceptionally vivid dreams too. Like if you were fighting decepticons in your dream and Megatron shot you with his fusion cannon. When you wake up, your side hurts like none other and feels like there's a burning hole. Over all though, I love having this genetic defect. It makes my life so much more full.
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