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This is the only official source of real FREE I-Doser doses. If you did not obtain them from this page, they are probably counterfeit and should be deleted. I-Doser offers free doses so users can evalutate if binaural brainwave doses are effective and fit their lifestyle. Free dose promotions, newsletter doses and more will also appear on this page.





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HyperSkin Engine

ImageYou shouldn’t be locked into the design of anything. The HyperSkin Engine allows you to control the look and feel of I-Doser Premium beyond the standard grey boring dialogs that the free version has. Add some real personality to your copy of I-Doser and upgrade to Premium for a true expression of yourself. Amazing visualizations help you ease into a dose and may offer greater reception, control and effects of your session. I-Doser software is the most used and most effective Binaural Dosing Platform available anywhere. If you really want to take I-Doser to the next level, upgrade today.

MP3 Export

ImageUse I-Doser Premium to export your doses to MP3 format using our patent-pending encoding that gives you the purest form binaural in an MP3 format. Not available in free versions, this option lets you export full-length pure-tone doses in a format usable on any device including computers, cell phones, tablets and laptops. Different than our mobile on-the-go does, updating your free version lets you export full length pure binaural sequences to any device! It is the only way to get completely pure-form binaurals in a workable MP3 format without being hindered by compression.

Ambient Moodscapes

ImageEnhance your I-Doser session by mixing in some amazing Ambient Moodscapes. I-Doser Premium includes a collection of backing music you can mix with your doses. Each ambient track is intricately mastered to go perfectly with binaural sequences. Adding a wonderful tonal backing track to your doses may increase performance. They are also useful for beginners as the music can help you become used to binaural dosing. Make sure to upgrade to Premium for the full benefits of Moodscape backing audio.

Brainwave doses use powerful audio. I-Doser makes no claims to their effectiveness and they should be used for entertainment only. I-Doser may impair ability. Use at your own risk.