Simulated Experiences

for Phones and Tablets



I-Doser Mobile includes an advanced feature set like Dose Tuning, SlipStreaming, and Library Management. It is the largest dose collection available for on-the-go dosing with queuing that allows for unlimited dose combinations. An Integrated step-by-step method assists in making sure you get the best possible results from your journey. Use on an all Google Android and Apple iOS mobile phones and tablets in Retina and HD clarity with crystal clear premium sound.

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Perfect Companion

Use the app for quick dosing on the go and the computer software for longer dosing sessions while at home.

XD Retina Graphics

Looks beautiful & ultra-sharp on Retina Screen Displays. From phones to tablets, I-Doser is expertly designed.

Largest Dose Collection

I-Doser has the largest collection of mobile doses. Nearly 20 included in app with hundreds more available. What doses?

Best In-Class

The top downloaded and rated binaural app available in Google Play and Apple Store with millions of downloads.

Powerful Control

From SlipStream Control to Real-Time Tuning, I-Doser Premium gives you powerful control over your sequences.

HyperSkin Engine

Prefer Flat or Skeuomorphism design? You choose exactly how the app looks and feels and you can change the design at any time.

On Laptop or Computer?

Many advanced dosers dose shorter on-the-go music doses with mobile and at home with the longer computer doses for maximum effects.

Looks beautiful on all devices

Beautiful on Any Device
Brainwave doses use powerful audio. I-Doser makes no claims to their effectiveness and they should be used for entertainment only. I-Doser may impair ability. Use at your own risk.