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Simulated Experiences


I-Doser.com leads the industry as a safe and effective way to help you achieve a simulated mood or experience. You can improve meditation, chakra, kundalini or spiritual endeavors. You can try sexual enlightenment, romantic stimulation, and more. Have a simulated recreational experience, or simply improve a mood. We originated the concept of digital dosing and our experiences are over 80% effective.


I-Doser offers a full line of binaural brainwave doses intended to help you control all aspects of human emotion and mood. Use our best-selling Apple iOS or Google Android Apps for short on-the-go dosing sessions. For longer at-home sessions, use our software dosing platform for Mac OSX and Microsoft Windows. We also offer a full line of MP3 Packs. Join us for a journey of a lifetime.


I-Doser MobileI-Doser Tablet
  • iOS and Android Devices
  • 100+ Available Doses
  • Shorter On-The-Go Sequences
  • Integrated Ambient Moodscapes


I-Doser for ComputersI-Doser for Laptops
  • Windows and Mac Computers
  • 500+ Available Doses
  • Longer Advanced Sequences
  • Purest Form Binaurals


I-Doser MP3I-Doser MP3
  • Any MP3 Playing Device
  • 100+ Available Doses
  • Shorter Sequences
  • Integrated Ambient Moodscapes


Custom I-DoserCustom I-Doser
  • We Create Your Dream Dose
  • Personally Assigned Designer
  • White Glove Treatment
  • All Formats Available


I-Doser is the most effective binaurals available anywhere. Over 80% felt the effects of an I-Doser dose at least once (with 35% feeling effects every time, 29% almost every time, and 19% once or a few times). Only 17% felt no effect, usually due to poor quality heaphones or a disruptive environement. This is up to 90% more effective than any other meditation or binaural product available anywhere. We do not recommend the use of other products claiming to be binaurals.


  • Felt Every Time
  • Felt Almost Every Time
  • Felt A Few Times
  • Felt Never

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Brainwave doses use powerful audio. I-Doser makes no claims to their effectiveness and they should be used for entertainment only. I-Doser may impair ability. Use at your own risk.