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I-Doser brought the concept of recreational, meditation, yoga, kundalini, chakra, spiritual and sexual - and so much more - simulaed experiences mainstream. We continue to lead the industry in binaural innovation with millions of users worldwide. We have products available across all major platforms.

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Visit the Communnity Forum for user-based experience reports, support, and discussions about mindfulness, music, spirituality and much more.

Affection of Mood

Affection of Mood

Duke University

Binaural beats can entrain EEG activity and may affect states of consciousness- Duke University Medical Center reports on binaurals and the affection of mood.

Binaurals and Anxiety

Binaurals and Anxiety

Surgery Congress

Binaural beats decrease subjective levels of anxiety in users with chronic anxiety. In-depth research report on affection of stress and binaurals.

Binaurals and Anxiety

Those who received binaural stimulation reported sensed presences and ego-alien intrusions and potential for parallel dimensional contact.

I-Doser Peer Review

1136 Participants

In an I-Doser peer review study of 1136 users of I-Doser Simulated Experiences, over 80% felt the effects at least once (with 35% feeling effects every time, 29% almost every time, and 19% once or a few times). Only 17% felt no effect, usually due to poor quality heaphones or a disruptive environement. This is up to 90% more effective than any other meditation or binaural product available anywhere. We do not recommend the use of other products claiming to be binaurals.

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I-Doser leads the industry as a safe and effective way to help you simulate a mood or experience, improve meditation or yoga, spiritual or sexual enlightenment and so much more. Our catalog contains some of the most powerful binaural products available anywhere. We answer a few of your questions below. Contact Us if you need any additional support.

I-Doser (6)

What Is I-Doser?
I-Doser is the company that designs specialized binaural audio that can help create a simulated mood or experience for the listener.
What is a Dose?
An I-Doser "dose" is a sequence of special binaural audio (and sometimes ambient moodscapes and carrier white noise) that contain two binaural tones matched to the intended hrz level that your brain would be at while having the chosen experience. These special "doses" attempt to tune your brainwaves to help you achieve a simulated mood or experiemce.
Is it a Placebo?
Absolutely not. While many binaural products on the market are amateur and ineffective, I-Doser binaurals have over an 80% success rate. Binaural brainwave technology is a proven science and has been around for 100+ years. I-Doser simply refined it over many years to achieve the most effective binaural doses available anywhere.
I-Doser brought the concept of binaural dosing mainstream and our products are the most used and most effective binaurals in the industry. We have been crafting artisan doses for longer than anyone else and many to-market products are cheap ripoffs of I-Doser brand binaurals.
If you did not obtain your doses directly from then there is a good chance they are fake. 90% of torrent, streamed or otherwise binaurals either claiming to be as effective (or our actual brand) were fake. Obtain real doses ONLY from
Due to the audio compression on YouTube (and other streaming sites) you will absolutely never get any effects from YouTube or other streaming binaurals. The audio codec and compression makes them less than 3% effective. Anyone claiming to have real binaurals distributed through a streaming service are releasing ineffective sequences. Only go with a trusted source like

Usage / Other (6)

No Effects?
Make sure you are following the Experience Method to verify you are using the correct procedure for binaural dosing. You must have a good quality pair of headphones. Those cheap earbuds that came with your phone work work. Click Here to upgrade headphones.
How Can I Dose?
I-Doser offers mobile apps for iOS and Android, computer software for Windows and Mac, MP3s Dose Packs as well as a supporting dose library of hundreds of doses. We also offer Custom Design Sevices. Make sure you are getting official doses ONLY from
What Will Happen?
Almost anything! I-Doser offeres recreational, sexual, fictional, sleep and meditation, chakra and spiritual and hundreds of other simulated moods and experiences. They are the most effective in the industry by far.
Is It Dangerous?
You are using powerful audio in an attempt to create an altered state. I-Doser makes no claims to the effectiveness and you agree to use I-Doser doses at your own risk.
I-Doser has a thriving user wiki, blog, and social groups like facebook and twitter. We also offer email support from dosing experts that give white glove treatment and advice free of charge.
If you are press, reporting on this technology has given large traffic spikes to Wired, LA Weekly, Vice, OWNI, Wired, CNN, Fox News and many others. We promote the positive gospel of binaural technology. If you plan to focus on scare tactics or negative spins, we have no interest. For those reporters and news organizations with truly open minds, email us for an interview.
Brainwave doses use powerful audio. I-Doser makes no claims to their effectiveness and they should be used for entertainment only. I-Doser may impair ability. Use at your own risk.